Imagine being able to live anywhere in the world! Most people have never enjoyed that level of freedom and independence and in the past couple of decades, a new breed of person has evolved, namely the digital nomad. Some are entrepreneurs that make a great living selling products and services online, while others are tech people, code writers and app developers who collaborate with a team to create digital products.

Being able to live anywhere with an Internet connection gives people choices and one of the top destinations for online entrepreneurs is Thailand and here are a few reasons why.

  • Great Internet coverage – The entire country has a stable 4G connection, with 5G already on the way; what’s more, the packages are very affordable. If you have a SIM with unlimited data, it costs around $40 per month and you simply hotspot to your laptop and you’re ready to work. The major ISPs include DTAC, True, BBB and AIS and they offer many great packages; all coffee shops and shared workspaces have free Wi-Fi, which is perfect for those who work online.
  • Tropical paradise – What’s not to love about living near a beach in southern Thailand? The royal kingdom of Thailand ticks so many boxes for the digital nomad; some relocate for 5 months to avoid the rainy season (May to November), while many stay year-round. There are distinct climatic differences between the north and south of Thailand; spend a few months travelling and find the right area for you; book a short stay at the stunning Arinara Beach Resort in Phuket and check out the lifestyle.
  • Low cost of living – If you work out your monthly living expenses and compare that to living in Thailand, you’ll see why so many people relocate. Of course, prices are rising all over the world, but when compared to the UK or US, you can live like a king on 50% of what you spend at home.
  • Cheap accommodation – Thailand has everything from studio condos to luxury pool villas and rental is very affordable, especially with a long lease rental. Search online for rental properties in Thailand and check out some of the amazing properties up for rent or sale.

One thing is certain, living and working in Thailand will lead to making many new friends; other digital nomads who also love the country and you can network with like-minded people.

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