Bifold doors are also called accordion doors or folding doors, and they help you create more open spaces. They usually have two or more panels, and they are hinged together so that they fold as you slide them open. When you close them, the folded area straightens out. You may have seen these doors in hotels and other spaces, but you can add them to your home to transform your space.

Special Features of Bifold Doors

You can get aluminium bifold doors that are lightweight and thin, and they have more glass. This helps you get clear views and plenty of natural light. You can also choose your threshold, which can be weather rated with a step down, or it can be almost flush with the floor. This allows you to choose the look that works best in your space.

Another special feature is that the bifold doors are fully weather rated. They are also powder coated so that they won’t get corrosion or discolouration. They can handle the worst weather in Britain and continue to look great and function well.

You can also choose from a variety of folding configurations. This means that you can find the perfect look for your home. Another energy efficient doors such as aluminium bi-folding doors is thick with toughened glazing, so it offers a solid barrier from outdoors. They lock in multiple places, so you never need to worry about security.

Another feature is that you can add integral blinds that are permanently encapsulated. They are protected from damage and wear, and they don’t require any maintenance.

What to Consider When You Purchase Bifold Doors

The first thing that you need to consider is the surrounding space. The panels will expand inward or outward, and they will stack together on the end. Make sure that you choose the type of bifold doors that work well in your space.

The way they work is that they have a tracking system. It runs along the panels, and the panels are connected on a train. The doors fold into themselves as they glide along this tracking system. They move quietly and smoothly, so people love having them in their homes.

The interior bifold doors usually have two doors that fold to one side or they can have four that part in the centre. There are different options so that you can choose the one that is best for your home. In general, you can choose anywhere from two to seven panels, and they are easy to operate.

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