Some of us have been playing a sport for many years and feel like we are getting no better at the game. We seem to be stuck in limbo, always at the same level but never improving. If you think your golf game has gone stagnant and you aren’t progressing as you’d like, this article gives some great tips to help golfers get out of the rut.

Taking a Step Back

This may seem counterintuitive but taking a step back can help a lot with your game. If you don’t honestly look at your game and assess your weaknesses, you won’t get better at your game. Just focusing on your strengths won’t make a huge difference. Yes, you’ll get slightly better, but you’ll continue to fall down once the weak side of your game never improves. If you’ve paid for golf tuition in Bangkok, and you’ve explained this problem to your coach, they’ll use this method to ensure your progress.

Review Your Stats

Keep tabs on your game and review your stats. You’ll notice a pattern emerging – poor drive, weak putting percentage, etc. – when you assess your game over a few weeks or months. Your coach will easily be able to identify your weak points and create strategies to improve them. Even if you haven’t kept stats, a good coach will quickly pick up on the parts of your game that need help.

Practice Your Wedges

We often don’t get enough work on the practice tee with wedges, but we all know if we can hit our wedges close, we give ourselves a great chance on the green. The first thing you should practice with your wedges is distance, find your distance and then progress on to accuracy.

Focus on Your Drive

Getting off to a good start is essential and if you struggle off the tee, it can have a negative impact on the rest of your game. There are plenty of ways to improve your drive, you can work on technique with your coach or join a gym and increase your power output.

Taking a step back is always a great way to improve your game. Although most of us like to focus on the things we do best, improving your weaknesses and turning them into strengths is the correct way to progress. You’ll only get so far by practicing on your strengths. Make a plan and get other people (certified trainer) to help.

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