Different Types of Secure Commercial Doors

Choosing your business’s best doors is a challenging endeavor, especially if you wish to secure expensive equipment. Of course, while considering commercial door installment, it is vital to consider a few factors beforehand.

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For instance, keep in mind that commercial use doors have to appear professional, durable, and secure. It is vital to learn more about the specifics of various commercial door types that will help you make up your mind with ease.

We have created a guide that will help you compare the efficiency of metal and wooden doors for your business so that you can choose based on your preferences.

It is essential to compare the best options, which will help you make up your mind with ease. \

1.Wood Doors for Businesses

We all know by now that wood is a natural option for most businesses and facilities across the globe. Its popularity includes durability, efficiency, amazing look, ability to resist flames, reduced noises, and versatility.

This particular material is an excellent choice for interior doorways, especially if you wish to improve your business premises’ aesthetical appeal.

Remember that when we compare residential and commercial wood doors, the commercial ones feature multiple layers for added durability and strength.

High-end models feature solid-core derived from thick lumber, which is something you need to remember. Of course, you can find other solid models that feature the middle layer from the mineral core or other byproducts that will cover wooden layers.

Of course, some models will use thin sheets of veneer or laminate over solid wood to ensure added durability. At the same time, these models are more affordable than the ones we have mentioned above.

Generally, the core tends to be dense up to 1.5 inches and will provide you more significant levels of soundproofing, insulation, and resistance.

In most cases, both frames and doors come together; however, you can also choose whether you wish to implement pre-drilled holes so that you can apply them to particular hardware.

On the other hand, you can get the ability to install the hardware based on your preferences and needs.

Reasons to Choose Wood

We can differentiate various reasons why you should consider wood as the primary material, including:

  • Natural Efficiency – You should know that wooden doors come with natural energy efficiency, which will protect your business in the long run. Since a solid core comes with an additional insulation layer, you will be able to block cold air from getting inside from the hallway or entryway. On the other hand, during the hot summer days, when you close an interior door, you will be able to keep the air-conditioned temperature inside the room without getting out.
  • Reduces Noise – By having finished wood doors, you can improve overall acoustics in hospitals, schools, and offices. Generally, wood tends to absorb sounds by letting bounce of the hard surface naturally. It means that by implementing this particular type of material, your building will be quieter than before and with reduced noise that will come from stairwells, hallways, and entryways.
  • Fire Resistance – If you wish to find an affordable way to protect your business from potential fire hazards, we recommend getting a wooden material. It means that it is a barrier in the fire, which will reduce its spread throughout the building much more efficiently than other materials. Remember that having fire doors is an essential safety measure that will protect people from your structure. You can also find commercial door framing that will provide you peace of mind.
  • Durable Solution – When it comes to wooden frames and doors, you should know that they are highly durable, which means that you will not be able to wear and tear them easily as regular ones. Since they can stand heavy traffic, you can rest assured along the way. It is essential to refinish solid ones because wood tends to age and dry over time. Therefore, by refinishing it, you will make sure that it stands the test of time and resist regular wear and tear, which is a common problem. At the same time, refinishing will boost its overall beauty while providing it a new appearance.

2.Metal Doors for Businesses

When it comes to metal materials, you should know that they are most commonly used for commercial businesses and applications, including healthcare facilities, educational facilities, office buildings, hotels, retail spaces, and many more.

You can find aluminum or steel that will provide you both durability and security, especially for an exterior doorway, which is something you need to remember.

Reasons to Choose Metal

We can differentiate various benefits of choosing metal as the primary material for your particular situation, so we decided to present you with the common ones.

  • Additional Structural Security – You should know that commercial metal doors are perfect for the security and safety of your building. That is the main reason why most business and modern facilities tend to rely on them to cover the main access points. Even though a hollow door does not sound like an exciting option, it is perfect for any building type. You can implement it in schools, retail establishments, financial institutions, government buildings, and manufacturing plants for entry points, among others. Aluminum, stainless steel, or steel will help you strengthen the space between panels, which will reduce the outside impact and absorb all the force along the way. Since they feature a multi-layer design, it will reduce the chances of cracking and denting so that you can protect the overall structures. It is also more challenging to force them open by using strength because they feature thick frames.

If you wish to learn how to install door frames, we recommend you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-PYXRA309Q to understand everything about it.

  • Design Versatility – You can create a specific design based on your building’s requirements and needs. Generally, you can install them anywhere by adjoining frames, which makes them highly versatile compared with other types and materials. Therefore, they are perfect options for numerous institutions. Since you can find them in various hardware options, sizes, and width selection, you can rest assured along the way. Generally, they are simple to customize and construct based on your preferences. If you wish to use them for large construction projects, they are great because you can install them as soon as possible.
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