Choosing the heating system is never an easy task. There are multiple options you can choose from. One of the latest technologies you can choose from is the in floor heat system. Also known as the radiant floor heating system, it is an efficient and effective way of heating up your house without hicking up the energy bill. There are many myths surrounding this heating system which can deter people from choosing it. We are here to bust these myths and help you make an informed decision.

It is an expensive heating system.

When choosing the system to be installed, its cost plays a determining factor. The cost starts at about $1,500. It can be as expensive as $5,000. Its cost is dependent on various factors like climate condition, flooring, flexibility and the HVAC system present at the home. However, comparing it to a forced-air furnace, the radiant system might seem like an expensive choice. But the difference in pricing isn’t too much.

It causes Cracks on the flooring.

As the heating system works by providing heat to the flooring underneath, it is only natural to give rise to the myth that it can cause cracks on the flooring. The cracks on the flooring are usually caused due to climate and the wear and tear. If you have hardwood flooring, it might be prone to cracking if moisture is present in your home. There is no conclusive proof that a radiant heating system causes the flooring to crack.

It overheats the house.

There are chances for a house to be overheated, but that is due to insufficient insulation or no windows. This can be easily dealt with by adding windows or improving the insulation. Before getting the system installed, you must take insulation into account.

The system omits heat.

Instead of omitting heat, the system technically radiates heat. This means that it absorbs, reflects and transmits energy. When the system omits heat, it transfers the energy.

A radiant Heating system can only be installed under tile or concrete flooring.

It is highly recommended to pair the heating system with tile or concrete flooring, it can easily be paired with other flooring materials. The radiant heating system works perfectly when installed under hardwood, laminate and carpet flooring. You don’t have to compromise on the choice of flooring material.

It can be only installed on each floor of the house

If you don’t want to install the system throughout the house, you don’t have to. The system can be installed in the part of the house that you want. For installing the heating system, you don’t have to undertake a complete renovation of the house.

Only suitable for kitchen or bathroom

This is not true at all. The radiant heating system is so dynamic that it can be easily installed in any room. It doesn’t always have to be installed in tiled rooms.

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