Being the master of the house is a rewarding experience. However, you must exert significant effort and patience in maintaining it. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your family. A home maintenance task list can be difficult to implement and decide if you should do some repairs. Here are some tips on the specific things you have to do, covering different time frames.

Home maintenance tasks that you should do every month

  • Monitor the waterways and the adjacent systems of your home at least every month to ensure their proper functioning. A vinegar solution is a practical way to get rid of rust on rods and showerheads.
  • Make sure all of your drains, especially the most unused ones, are filled with boiling water. If you find a clogged pipe, pouring diluted baking soda or hydrogen peroxide is an easy fix.
  • Check your fridge’s drain pan. Also, check your dishwasher if you own one. Look for possible leaks and don’t forget to dust and polish the blades of the exhaust filter.

Maintaining your house regularly increases its value for future buyers. You can look up we buy houses Miami to find wholesale buyers if you wish to sell your well-maintained home.

Home maintenance tasks that you should do every two years

Even though it is necessary to do monthly home inspections, not everything must be done so often. You only have to do these things every two years, so make sure you do them properly.

First and foremost, you should perform a full cleaning of your entire living room. Dust every corner of the attic and bedroom. Also, do not forget to clean your basement.

You have to replace the batteries of your smoke and fire detectors. These small gadgets can save you life in case of a gas leak or perhaps a small fire. Otherwise, they will degrade and you might expose yourself to danger.

Every six months, you should change your detector’s battery. That’s one thing you can take note of for everyone’s safety. Lastly, check the water heater’s pressure control valve. It prevents leaks and possible corrosion associated with chemical build-up.

Home maintenance tasks that you should do every season

Spring is the garden and backyard maintenance season. Therefore, you should clean up any remaining leaves and twigs covered by snow in March. Trim your grass, your hedge, and fertilize your green areas. While summer is usually not a home improvement season, you need to maintain your living room and other parts of the house. Any plants you may have in your yard, for example, need more moisture during this season.

During the autumn season, preparation for the cold winter is required. Test the furnace to see if everything works properly. If not, call your local technician. In the winter, pipes can be prone to zero temperatures. If necessary, keep the thermostat at a constant temperature to prevent freezing.


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