Marinas are convenient and efficient options if you are looking for temporary storage for your boat. If you are living or just visiting Victoria, you can find different boat storage options anywhere you go. Yet it is important that you choose safe and secure storage and dry dock options while you are at Patterson Lakes Marina.

Wet Boat Storage

You should find storage where you can easily take your boat out to the water whenever you need to. Boats are designed and structured to be safely used in the water. However, this does not mean that its metal frame, paint, or bottom structure is already immune to water damage.

Letting it stay in the saltwater without taking it out to use it for a long time can be detrimental to the boat. There are microorganisms in the saltwater that may stick to the hull and slowly eat away at the metal. To keep the boat safe, some marinas now offer services such as antifouling, detailing, and other cleaning services. This will keep your boat in its pristine and safe condition.

Dry Stack Boat Storage

If you need to take the boat out of the water for long-time safe storage, then you should consider dry stack options. This will typically stack your boat to a height of several feet above the ground or water. This can help prevent damage from rust and corrosion. This will also keep your boat always accessible whenever you need to use it.

Dry berths are usually much preferred as they store the boat in a safer storage facility that is often gated and closely monitored. Another less popular option is dry stack storage options where the boats are tied to swing moorings and are left out in the open.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Boat Storage

When looking into a boat storage option, there are important factors that you have to take into consideration. All these things matter whether you choose dry or wet boat storage.

  • Size And Space. It is crucial that they can offer enough storage space for your boat size.
  • Convenient Location And Parking. You might need to haul your boat to the storage space so they must have convenient parking and be located at the best spot.
  • Insurance And Bonding. You need to ensure that your boat is protected from any damage while in storage. So the storage provider should have relevant insurance and bonding.
  • Security And Cameras. These are a must to ensure the safety and security of your boat while in storage.

Remember that there may be cheaper options, but they might be able to provide you with the services that you need. So make sure that you know what your preferences are and which is the perfect storage option for your boat.

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