Colours are certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when picturing a beautiful swimming pool area. Perhaps you’re considering size, extra water features, inground features, pool decking, or anything else associated with building a pool. The reality is that choosing the proper swimming pool colour scheme for your home may make or break it.

Overall, the characteristics of your swimming pool have an impact on the appearance and feel of your complete backyard and recreation area. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when picking the colours for your backyard pool.

Decide on Your Primary Colour First

The water in your pool will decide the predominant hue of your swimming pool area. This may appear absurd; after all, isn’t water clear? Yes, however, your pool’s water colour is determined by the material you chose for its interior.

Once you’ve decided on the inside materials for your pool, you’ll have a base, primary hue to work with. Light, aqua blue, teal blue, dark blue, and even black are some of the most common finishes. Your pool contractor should then match this primary colour to all adjustable finishes.

Think About Secondary Colours

If you’re after secondary pool colours to add to your overall colour scheme, your swimming pools finishes can be a good place to start. Above the waterline, finishings include tiling, stones, and other details. If the area has been completed with stones, use a secondary colour that contrasts with the various coloured pebbles.

Your pool’s finish can also be inspired by various themes or aesthetics, such as a tropical vibe, a Grecian theme, or a beach house vibe. Colour inspiration might be found in these subjects.

Grab Accent Colours From the Surroundings

It’s time to connect your colour scheme using accent colours once you’ve decided on your primary and secondary colours. These small splashes of colour can really bring your pool area to life and give it its own personality. Take a look at the area surrounding your swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if it’s garden greenery, pool furniture, patio décor, or the exterior of your home.

Add Colour with Lighting

Lighting is an excellent approach to generate colour around your swimming pool if you’re searching for a more evident way to do it. Customised lighting may help you modify the tone of your outdoor space while also drawing attention to your favourite architectural features. Swimming pool lighting produces a distinct mood.


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