Bangalore happens to be the capital state of the city of Karnataka. Though Kannada is the common language that is spoken here people are well- versed with English and Hindi languages too. A major chunk of the population speaks Tamil, and Telugu even though it may not turn out to be their native language. In the city, there are migrants from various parts of the country. No doubt about the fact that the city has gone on to establish itself as a cosmopolitan city which is expected to provide you with a glimpse of the country. There is an ability to welcome people from various parts of the globe to be precise. When you are visiting this city for the first time there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind

Masala Dosa

Make it a point that you munch in a masala Dosa at Darshini outlets in the city. They are the popular breakfast points for people in the city and are known to remain in operation throughout the day. When the question comes to eateries or cuisines most of the eateries would be serving you good Masala dosa. There are plenty of other options in terms of an authentic lunch that the city has to offer. Last but not least you may enjoy black tea along with filter coffee which is an instant hit among the masses.


In the city of Bangalore, there are a number of malls which are scattered all around the city. At Whitefield there is the Phoenix city mall with a few other popular shopping outlets.

Heavenly climate

It has to be said that the climate of the city is something unique in itself. As usual, there are the normal seasons. A trend that is visible in the cool breeze in the mornings, and in the afternoon the scorching rays of the sun takes over. In some streets, it is not rare to come across a heavy bout of showers. It is normally during the rainy season between July to September. This may be accompanied by bare dry weather that could be at a few yards away.

Silk sarees

When you are in the city make it a point that you shop for a saree for your beloved one. There is a reasonable amount of them available and it is spread across a series of price ranges. In some cases, you can expect the range to touch the higher bracket too. Apart from that, you could go on to purchase KhadiKurtas at a series of outlets as well.

The temples

Bangalore is home to a number of ancient and top-quality temples. If you have sufficient time at your end, you can visit the Rameshwar temple known for its artwork, the Bull temple at Basvanagudi, along with the ISKON temple goes on to incorporate a modern touch to it. A point to consider is that when you are visiting the temple you should need to dress in a conservative manner. You may wear tops or trousers, but short skirts and shorts are not at all welcome in these temples. Even when you go on to cover your face you may prevent unwanted stares too.


The mention of Bangalore and there are a series of parks to its kitty. If you are planning a stroll you may visit the Lalbagh as Cabbon Park is more of a tree park. The best part about all these parks is that there is a police station around the area. Even the Chinnaswamy stadium is being used by most of people for a stroll. Some of thetop-quality resorts in Bangalore are situated near the stadium.

Pubs along with restaurants

The restaurants along with pubs in Bangalore shut between 12 .00 and 1.00 in the morning. With pubs, they close a bit early during the weekdays and during the weekends the time tends to extend a wee bit. The place is famous for some quality pubs and if you want a  glass of drink no better option than heading over to the bar or a pub at the earliest. In the MG and the Indira Nagar areas there are a number of pubs that you may choose.

A food paradise

The city of Bangalore is the home to a foodie’s heart. You name any dish and being a cosmopolitan culture, it is bound to leave a definite mark. It is not only about the inter-state but international cuisines are found here. No worries if you are missing out on home food as you are likely to come across a restaurant of your choice in Bangalore. Along with it there are scores of international food chains that you may choose too.

Moving around

When you are moving around the city of Bangalore you need to exercise a degree of caution. Do not take any autos or cabs without any reason. If you are new to the city it is always better to avail the services of a friend who is aware of the local language. But most of the cab drivers are familiar with the English language. It is better that you check out the location and the time taken to reach the charges beforehand. Even have a safety app that is installed on your mobile phone. You may also pre- book a taxi or cab when you are travelling. On the other hand if you are travelling alone it does make sense to avail a city bus

The city is also the home to various art forms. The theatre scene has a tinge of vibrancy attached to it. If you are planning to attend a theatre performance you need to plan well in advance and do not avoid last minute rush.

Taking into consideration there are a lot of things that needs to be explored in Bangalore. The following tips would be useful for anyone who plans to visit the city of the first time,