Everyone should experience the joys of swimming with seals in their natural habitat, doing what they do best, either swimming and playing or, laid back taking in the rays whilst relaxing together on the coast. In Narooma there are various companies that you can contact and book an excursion to make a real day of it, there are various other attractions to keep you going for as long as you want.

The perfect setting

One of the places you will visit is called Montague Island, it’s a beautiful place, teeming with animals and, is only half a day’s journey from Sydney. If you want to get the best of experiences the you can dive, snorkel and spend time with one of the ocean’s cheekiest creatures, the fur seal.

You can find out even more just by searching for Narooma seal swimming using your online search engine. There really is no better way to experience the wonders of nature that the bays hold than that of spending a day in and around the crystal blue waters that surround Narooma’s Montague Island.

A bit of history

To the indigenous Yuin people, the island is a holy location known as Barunguba. The Yuin believe that Barunguba is the son of volcano Gulaga, who sought to flee his home but barely made it 9 kilometers out to sea. Whalers introduced goats and rabbits to the island before it became a National Park in 1958, drastically reducing the island’s ecology.

The island has been restored by Parks and Wildlife Services, and it is now home to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand fur seals, as well as over 90 bird species, including NSW’s biggest colony of fairy penguins. Montague Island is a unique site for both people and marine life to enjoy some vested interests and, the East Australian Current runs nearby, carrying large pelagic fish that seals and other marine animals love to eat.

Set the scene

The Far South Coast of New South Wales is full of vast lengths of deserted beaches, beautiful national parks, and waterways teeming with marine life, making it a lovely spot to spend a day or two if you can. You could even make a vacation of your trip, over a long weekend for example. You will most likely want to go in January, when the balmy summer weather is ideal for lounging on the beach and camping beneath the stars.

Making the arrangements is actually really easy, do a search for local operators, choose the best deal for you and or your family then get your boots on.

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