If you are an Australian business owner, you won’t need reminding of the importance of safety in the workplace, indeed, there are strict rules and regulations that are in place to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. If you would like to see if there are ways that you can improve the safety factor at your place of business, here are a few aspects to review.

  • Climate control – In order for people to feel comfortable, climate control is essential in any business environment, and the majority of large facilities use massive HVAC systems that control the climate. When people perspire, they make mistakes, so do check that there are no ‘hot’ areas at your facility.
  • Flooring – The very platform of your business, slippery floors are an accident waiting to happen and if there are wet areas, you do need a good epoxy floor, which repels just about everything and always provides solid traction, even in the wet. Talk to any of the contractors that offer warehouse epoxy services in Adelaide and they will confirm that epoxy ticks all the boxes from a safety aspect.
  • Signage – It is crucial that you have warning and safety reminder signage in all the right locations, plus they need to be clean and visible. An inspection walk will soon reveal any issues with signage and while you are doing that, look out for any potential issues, making note of any.
  • Manual Handling Training – This is a short course given by qualified physiologists that show people how to correctly handle a range of objects and this knowledge reduces the risk of a personal injury related to lifting or handling. If you make an enquiry, the specialist would send someone to your premises to observe the daily activities and after a few hours, the technician would return and the team would prepare a short course that is tailored to your working activities.
  • Staff Safety Meetings – If you meet with your staff on a monthly basis, tag on an extra 30 minutes at the end to discuss safety in the workplace, and ask your employees what they think could be done to reduce the risk of injury. If nothing else, this will keep safety in the forefront of people’s minds, and your staff will appreciate that you value their opinions, which strengthens the bond.

The above are a few ideas on how you can reduce the risk of accidental injury at your place of work, which is something that every business owner should consider.

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