By having a customized water fountain at your home or office, you can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings and the landscape.

You can place the outdoor fountains in your courtyard garden, just at your front entrance of your home or your backyard terrace.

You can also incorporate it into your luxury swimming pool, and by adding a fountain you can create captivating focal point which will engage the senses with its soothing sound and also with its beautiful sight.

Following 5 outdoor fountains of different range of sizes, shapes, and designs can form Mediterranean masterpiece to tropical attraction to bubbling showpiece and each is delightful charm which will bring stunning drama to the settings where it will sit.

  • Mediterranean Masterpiece

This custom-built 3-tier water fountain will brilliantly accent your home’s stately landscape and architecture and will be striking statement of its own.

The exterior surface of the fountain will feature same white tiles like your patio, and will provide its gorgeous interior of sapphire blue the attention that it deserves.

Just notice, how fountain’s each tier will take on different forms, yet they will gracefully flow together.

  • Serene Sanctuary

This statuesque fountain is nestled among hardwood trees and fern masses has enchanting aura which makes you feel as if you have entered magical oasis that is far away from ordinary world.

This mix of red bricks which is moss-covered and stone used for crafting fountain’s 2 pond basins, along with masonry columns to give an aged appearance.

There is also antique bronze statue, fiber-optic lighting, cost-iron planters and different copper drip heads which will create water’s dazzling movement up, down, and all around the fountain

  • Shimmering Spectacle

This grand home can be a showpiece. The elaborate fountain with splash pad will have thirteen streaming geysers to produce heated water.

Every night, you are treated with an interactive and entertaining light show, right in your own backyard.

  • Fountain with Flare

This will be automated fire bowl that will crown in this poolside fountain and illuminated by color-changing LED lighting. With an addition of fire, it will give the fountain dramatic evening ambiance.

  • Opulent Entrance

This traditional type fountain will be elegant focal point. Water will cascade down over the centerpiece of ornate tiered before spilling into large concrete basin.

Its purple slate tiles, which line basin’s interior, will coordinate with violet shingles on roof, thus creating harmonious connection between two showpieces.

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